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  • My Favourite Collection of Caribbean Short Stories

    I recommend a lot of Caribbean books and authors so it can be a bit overwhelming to someone who is looking to get started in Reading Caribbean. Over the last few weeks I have had persons direct message me to say, “I want to join in on Read Caribbean but can you give me 2 […]

  • 2020 Read Caribbean Releases

    2020 is the year that gave us really great Caribbean releases. From Historical Fiction, YA, Magical Realism, Essays, Collections to Adult Fiction, there is a Read Caribbean release to match your many moods. If you are looking for books recently published by Caribbean authors or Authors of Caribbean heritage, this list can help! Here are […]

  • Read Caribbean : Caribbean Bookstagrammers to Follow

    June is celebrated as Caribbean Heritage month and the month where we Read Caribbean. The #ReadCaribbean initiative was started in 2019 to create awareness for Caribbean Authors/ Authors from Caribbean Heritage and Caribbean Literature. It was a way for us to celebrate how diverse, unique and authentic the Caribbean voice is. In 2020 we have […]

  • Tea By The Sea by Donna Hemans

    Tea By The Sea is Donna Hemans new novel about grief, abandonment and agency. The story opens up in Jamaica, we meet a young man, Lenworth and a new born baby girl looking for a specific house in remote town outside of the second city- Montego Bay. Lenworth doesn’t know how to navigate this new […]

  • Overview of Read Caribbean

    Historical Overview June is recognized as Caribbean Heritage Month to celebrate in the Literary Space I thought it would be great to launch the Read Caribbean initiative. This will be the second year of using June to as the month where we Read Caribbean. The aim of Read Caribbean is to: Create awareness about Caribbean Literature Create […]

  • 5 Books Every Marketer Should Read

    For over ten years, I have been working in the field of Marketing and Communication. I have had many roles in this field including Public Relations Manager, Marketing Manager, Event Coordinator, Account Manager, Digital Marketer, just to name a few. I love this field because there are so many career paths I can take, and […]

  • Rio De Janiero, Brazil

    I rang in my 2020 in Rio De Janerio, Brazil, the first day of 2020 I was one of the first persons to walked into one of the Seven World Wonder, The Christ The Redeemer Statue.  I spent a total of 6 days in Brazil majority of which was spent sightseeing, hiking and eating. Rio […]

  • Colombia

    In December 2019 I boarded an airplane to Colombia where I would be staying for 10 days. It was supposed to be a Solo trip but I ended up finding a travel partner on Tourlina. Tourlina is a travel app geared specifically for female solo travellers looking to travel with other women. The App matches […]

  • BookOfCinz 2020 Book Club Reading List

    In January 2019 I decided to start a Book Club to tie into BookOfCinz book blog. I thought it was the natural next steps and a way for me to meet other Readers in Trinidad and Tobago and all over the world. While the mission for BookOfCinz is to get people to read, read more […]

  • These Ghosts Are Family by Maisy Card

    These Ghosts Are Family is Maisy Card’s debut novel that features a multi-generational narration from 1700s to 2000s. These Ghosts Are Family opens with the revelation of Stanford Solomon’s three decade long secret- he is not who he says he is. Thirty years ago, Stanford Solomon, who is actually Abel Paisley assumed the identity of […]

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