I am passionate about books, the Caribbean and travelling. My blog will be about exactly that. I hope that as you join me on this journey, the passion will be infectious. Each blog post will either be about a book I have wrapped up reading, currently reading or my recommendations. To keep things interesting, I will also take you on the adventures I embark upon when I put my Kindle down.

You can look out for:

Monthly Wrap-Up:  all the books I read in the month. I usually read between 8-15 books depending on how busy I am with work or life. Every month I will do a wrap-up that will feature all the books I loved, didn’t love or maybe abandoned.

Cinz Recommends: I am always being asked by people to recommend a book to them. I thoroughly enjoy having these conversations where I send people off with a list of books for them to get their reading mojo going. With Cinz Recommends, I will do a weekly feature of a book that I absolutely love, one that I would recommend to anyone to read. I may also challenge you to a read along!

Book Reviews: I will be doing sporadic or ‘as the spirit leads’ reviews of books. I tend to not like doing book reviews because I am not a book reviewer, or a writer, I cannot speak extensively on character development, the plot, themes, writing style, imagery or pace of book. What I can speak is how I felt reading the book, how I related to the characters and their realities, how the book affected my outlook on life, this makes me a horrible book reviewer! However, if you want my opinion on a book, if you want to know how my heart felt while reading a book, stop by and I’ll have one for you.

The Caribbean & The World: My ultimate dream is to get paid to travel the world, see gorgeous sunsets and read books. Until that happens, I will be using my limited vacation days to see the world up closer. I will share with you photo highlights of my travels and my life here in the Caribbean.

Book List: If you know me, you know I am a chronic list-maker, as such I will be doing a monthly book list feature. I will have different themes each month, but the main focus is to give you a list of books for different stages of your life. I will start out with ‘Books to Read If You Don’t like Reading’ then ‘Thirty Books to Read Before 30’ and ‘Not your Caribbean Resort Book’… you get the gist!

There you have it! I have set very high expectations; hopefully I can follow through for you…and myself. My only expectation of you is for you to read a book and tell me how much you enjoyed it!

Post Card from the Caribbean and the World: One of my favourite things to do, aside from reading is to travel. If I could get paid to travel that would be ideal but seeing that I am stuck like the rest of us, I will be using my limited vacation days to see the world. Post Card from the Caribbean and the World will be a snapshot of the places I’ve visited that I will be sharing with you. These post cards will be photos and a general overview of my trips. Come travel the world with me!

I hope you’re as excited as me about this blog and the different types of content you can expect from it! Stop by, subscribe and let’s get some reading and traveling done together!

Xoxo, Cinz

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Hello, I am Cindy, a Jamaican girl living in Trinidad & Tobago who is thoroughly enjoying island life. I started the BookOfCinz platform to encourage people to Read, read More, read Widely, and Read Caribbean.

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