About BookOfCinz | The BookOfCinz Book Club was founded in January 2019 with the aim of getting persons to read, read more and read widely. I wanted to meet and interact with Readers through a book we would all love. The BookOfCinz Book Club reads:

  • Caribbean Women or Women of Caribbean Heritage
  • Black Women
  • Women of Colour
  • Caribbean and Africna Men

It is with that in mind that I generally select our book club picks. If you are looking to read more Caribbean, Black and Women and Men of Colour… welcome! 

How To Join BookOfCinz Book Club

The book club is open to readers in Trinidad and Tobago and around the World. If you want to join please sign up here .

Once you sign up, you will receive a newsletter that details our current and upcoming reads along with our meeting times. All you have to do is read the book and show up at the meeting ready to talk about the books. 

Meeting Times:
There are two meeting times for Book Club:
Readers in Trinidad and Tobago, we meet the last Wednesday of each month. We generally meet at UpperCrust in St. James for 5:00pm. All information will be sent the week before the meeting. 

For Readers outside of Trinidad and Tobago we meet the last Tuesday of each month online via Google Meet at 6:00pm Trinidad and Tobago time. An email will be went the week before the meeting as a reminder and it will contain the meeting times and links.

We recommend that you read the book but if you were only able to get through some, still show up and let us know why. 

This is generally a very chill BookClub, please be respectful of others. 

Looking to catch up on our previous reads? 
Here are our 2019  2020  2021 2022, and 2023 Club list to get you started. 

Come read with us!

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Hello, I am Cindy, a Jamaican girl living in Trinidad & Tobago who is thoroughly enjoying island life. I started the BookOfCinz platform to encourage people to Read, read More, read Widely, and Read Caribbean.

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