Welcome to the BookOfCinz Library

I am beyond pleased to finally be able to launch the BookOfCinz Library. I started this platform with the mission to get people to:

This Library is another step in fulfilling this mission. This library is my aim to assist in filling the gap for those who cannot afford to purchase books monthly, to assist in making newly released books accessible and a way to encourage persons to read.

The BOC Library will be a true reflection of my tagline- Caribbean Girl Reading the World. It will be stocked with Caribbean Literature, Books written by Black Women and People of Colour. I am curating a library collection filled with books I read and loved, even the ones I feel guilty about reading (looking at you self-help). I do hope you will find a book you will love in this Library.

Want to see this Library grow?

Consider donating $5USD 

How Will The Library Work?

Once you sign up to be a part of the BookOfCinz Library you will receive a welcome letter.

  • You can borrow 1-2 books a month.
  • An email will be sent out on the last Friday of of every month for you to select the book(s) you want to borrow. Please check your junk. 
  • Requests are first come, first serve. 
  • On the FIRST WEDNESDAY of each month, your book package will be awaiting your pick up at Immortelle Beauty Bar. Thanks to the amazing Kathryn, a BOC Book Clubber who agreed to do this.
  • Please return the book to the same location, on or before the LAST WEDNESDAY of each month.

Read and repeat!

Library Rules

  1. This is a free library.
  2. You can borrow 1 – 2 books monthly
  3. Books must be returned before or on the last Wednesday of each month. If you are unable to meet the deadline, please email to let me know.
  4. You can return the book earlier if you are not feeling it.
  5. Please keep the book in the condition you receive it. I understand there will be some minor wear and tear but please do not damage, dog-ear, tear,  watermark/stain, mark/make notes or ruin the book in any way. 
  6. You are required to not damage or lose the book or a cost will be incurred to replace or fix the book. 
  7. If you do not return your books on or before the 28th of each month you will be banned from the Library for two months.

If you are able to donate to keep this library going and see its growth, be sure to subscribe to my Patreon Page. 


Interested in joining the BookOfCinz Library?


1. Who can borrow from the BOC Library?

Anyone can borrow a book from the BookOfCinz Library.  Note that I am not starting with an extensive collection so it is first-come, first-serve.

2. Do I have to pay a fee?

The BookOfCinz Library is free to all, however I do have a Patreon page and if you are able to make a donation of $5USD that would be greatly appreciated.

3. How many books can I borrow?

Each person can borrow 1 or 2 two books max.

4. Where do I collect the books?

Once you have selected your books, they will be available for collection at The Immortelle Beauty Bar in Hotel Normandie, St. Ann’s. Currently, we only have ONE pick up location, but we are working on adding more.

Please note The Immortelle Beauty Bar covid opening hours are Wednesdays-Fridays 12:00pm-5:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am-5:00pm.  

5. When can I pick up the book?

The book will be available for collection on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month.

6. When do I return the book?

Please note, books must be returned by the LAST Wednesday of every month. Yes, you can drop off the book before the deadline, please note, The Immortelle Beauty Bar is open from Wednesdays-Sundays.

7. What if I cannot return the book before the deadline?

If you cannot return the book before the last Wednesday of the month, please send an email to bookofcinz@outlook.com to alert us. If no email is sent before 2:00pm on the last Wednesday of the month you will be banned from borrowing from the Library for two months. 

8. What if I lose the book?

If you lose a book, you will have to pay to replace it.

9. What if I accidentally damaged the book?

If you damage a book to the point where it is unreadable, you will have to replace it.

10. Do you accept book donations to the Library?

Yes! We are open to donations to the Library once the book is in mint condition.

11. What if I want to request a specific book, is there a waiting list?

No, there is no waiting list. Once you sign up for the Library you will be added to the email listing. An email will be sent with the full library listing for you to choose 1-2 books. Please note, it is first come first serve. If you want to get first access to a particular book, considering signing up for my Patreon.  

12. What if I do not get to pick up the books I borrow?

The book you request to borrow will be made available on the first Wednesday of each month. If you do not collect the book by the second Wednesday of the month they will no longer be available. 

13. Can I get banned from the Library?

Yes! If you do not return your books when it is due you will be banned for two months from borrowing from the Library. Books are generally due for return the last Wednesday of the month before 2:30pm. 

14. Can I keep the books I borrow if no one borrowed them?

NO. Please return all books on or before the last Wednesday of each month.

15. What is the Library Process?

Once you sign up you will recieve an email.

Last Thursday of the month– Patreon Members will be sent the Library Listing for them to select their books.
Last Friday of the month– Library Members will be sent the Library Listing for them to select their books. 
First Wednesday of the month– Books will be available for collection at Immortelle Beauty at 1:00pm.
Second Wednesday of the month– If you did not collect the books you requested by the second Wednesday of the month, you lose out on the load. 
Last Wednesday of the month– All books should be returned on or before the last Wednesday of the month. If you do not return these books you will be banned from borrowing from the Library for two months.