• Trinidad & Tobago

    Four years ago I accepted a job offer and I relocated from Jamaica to Trinidad and Tobago. My initial plan was stay for at least 2 years, fast forward to four years and I am still trying to figure out my next move. I have been told that I am slowly getting a “Trini accent” […]

  • St. Lucia

    In Christmas 2016 I visited St. Lucia and I can honestly say, second to Jamaica, St. Lucia is the most beautiful place I can remember visiting. I love how familiar St. Lucia feels to Jamaica in that you can drive for an hour and you feel as if you are in an entirely different country. […]

  • Jamaica

    Jamaica is the best island you will ever visit, and I am not just saying this because I am Jamaican. The Jamaica Tourist Board once launched a campaign “Jamaica, Once You Go, Know” I think that essential captures everything I will try to say under this post. There is something about my island home; you […]

  • Book of Cinz

    Books of Cinz

    I am passionate about books, the Caribbean and travelling. My blog will be about exactly that. I hope that as you join me on this journey, the passion will be infectious. Each blog post will either be about a book I have wrapped up reading, currently reading or my recommendations. To keep things interesting, I […]

  • Contact Me

    I love getting emails! If you have a book to suggest or just wanna gush over books and travel with me, drop me a line. If you want to collaborate or partner with BookOfCinz please email bookofcinz@outlook.com

  • About

    Hello, My name is Cindy Allman, a Jamaican girl living in Trinidad & Tobago who’s thoroughly enjoying island life until I figure out how I can get paid just to read books, travel the world and see gorgeous sunsets.  Til then, I can be found with my head stuck in a book, running around the […]