After an intense month of June, I decided to take a social media break. June is #ReadCaribbean month and I spent every single day of June showing up online for challenges, interviews and making sure the mission was being carried out. The last few days in June I was ready for the month to be over so I would not have to show up online. Added to the pressures of being present, my account got imitated and taken down by Instagram. I just wanted to go, being online was not a focus for me.

I made the community know that was soon as July 1st came, I would be taking 31 days before from showing up online and I did just that… (for the most part). Here are five things I learned from talking a social media break.

Your community knows how to find you

One thing I worried about while I was gone was, “I wonder if anyone is going to show up to book club?” I know being on social media and sending out constant update helps to keep people motivated and gives book clubbers the kick they need to start reading the book. I relied heavily on my email list during that time, but I still had a fear. Guess what? People love book club! I had over 35 persons coming to chat about our July pick!

Life goes on

I mean this is the most genuine way, life goes on. Instagram stops for no one, and neither should you. I was gone for 31 days and during that time I had over 100 persons following me with zero new content. Honestly, that alone should tell you to take your break!

You have more time to read

Y’all, I spent soooo much time reading. Being off social media reminded me of how much time I spend on there. I think I spend at least a solid 60-90mins on BookOfCinz daily and I got to use those hours reading. In July I read a total of 12 books and DNF three!

You will miss it

For sure I was on a few Literary Ancestry Lives when I should be offline. For sure I was peeping in on the Read Caribbean hashtag and seeing what my faves are up to. After three years of being a part of a community, you miss it!

It’s weird coming back

I feel so nervous coming back. I don’t know why but the other day I was doing a story and I felt nervous ?. Also, let me just say, I have not missed having to physically type out my captions- there I said it! But I am excited to come back and share some amazing books I have been reading!

Instagram does not care

I really was reminded that Instagram doesn’t care and maybe I should look to dabble a bit on TikTok…..

There you have it, six things that stood out for me during my mini social media break! I am currently back on Instagram and trying to show up daily but honestly this is not a priority for me anymore. I know who my community is, and I know how they can find me if they need to.

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