Truly an unforgettable read that explores father-daughter relationship

Sweet, Soft, Plenty Rhythm by Laura Warrell opens with Circus Palmer, a forty-year-old ladies man and trumpet player finding out that one of his long time woman, and the one he loves the most-Maggie, is expecting their child. Circus does what he does best, he left her, not wanting to be tied down. Circus feels betrayed as he currently has a teenage daughter who doesn’t take care of, and for Maggie to “allow” something like this to happen to him again, he just cannot reconcile it.

Koko, is Circus daughter, turning a teenager, she’s got a lot of questions that only Circus can answer but he is not around. We get a look at how she feels about her father and his absence and how that impacts her.

Throughout the book we are introduced to a series of women who tells of their experiences with Circus Palmer. Being a travelling musician means there are so many towns, cities and women he’s met over the years that he’s formed relationships with. Some of these women take it for what it is, others still think he will settle down… with them.

Laura Warrell did a superb job with tell the story of Circus Palmer. I love that he wasn’t a cliché musicians who had a child in every town, not considering how his actions impacts others. There was so much nuance and care to the Circus, the women he’s hurt and his daughter. It is not often you pick up a book and read about a mother who left her child in the care of her “dead beat” ex-husband. I love seeing his character arc.

This is truly a delightful read with so much to explore!

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