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  • 2020 Read Caribbean Releases

    2020 is the year that gave us really great Caribbean releases. From Historical Fiction, YA, Magical Realism, Essays, Collections to Adult Fiction, there is a Read Caribbean release to match your many moods. If you are looking for books recently published by Caribbean authors or Authors of Caribbean heritage, this list can help! Here are […]

  • May-July 2019: Why Caribbean Women?

    As part of the #ReadCaribbean challenge I wanted to take the next months to highlight books written by women of colour who are from Caribbean heritage. For the next three months at BookOfCinz Book Club we will be reading debut novels by women of Jamaican heritage. They include: May: Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams June: Here […]

  • #ReadCaribbean Challenge

    June is recognized as Caribbean Heritage Month to celebrate I teamed up with some Caribbean Bookstagrammers to launch the #ReadCaribbean Challenge. The main goal of this challenge is to create awareness and educate persons on Caribbean Literature and Authors from the Caribbean or Caribbean Heritage.  I started BookOfCinz with the mission of encouraging people to: […]