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  • January 2019: Wrap Up

    January was such an amazing reading month for me and I hope this energy continues for the rest of 2019.  Overall, I read 14 books majority were four and five stars- most of them got under my skin and stayed there. Every January there is a list of books I re-read to get my year […]

  • Not Your Cliche Chick-Lit

    We all know how the story goes. We’ve read the book a million times. The movie adaption is on repeat on our Netflix. We never get tired of reading this story: girl meets handsome guy, falls in love, something keeps them apart, but they overcome and they end up happily together. What is it about […]

  • How To Rekindle Your Love For Reading

    Recently I wrote an article for The Guardian Newspaper here in Trinidad and Tobago. In it I spoke about how to rekindle your love for reading. Since launching BookOfCinz, I have met a lot of persons and their major feedback to me is, “I used to love reading, I don’t know what happened and when […]