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After visiting Tulum, specifically the Tulum beach stretch, I said “if Instagram and Pinterest were locations, Tulum would be it…” Everywhere on the Tulum beach stretch is insanely well design, kept and beautiful. We spent a total of three and a half day in Tulum town and we managed to do and see so much. To be fair, we had a really packed itinerary, starting at 4:30am some days and 7:00am other days. An early start in a place like Tulum really counts if you want to see and so a lot.

The month of September seems to be an off season for Tulum, so much so we found a lot of places were closed for renovations. The off season meant there was less people at “it spots” but it also meant that some of the places we wanted to dine at was closed- looking at you Raw love. Overall we got to see and do a lot! Below is my Tulum bucket list!
– Saw world Wonder Chichen Itza
– Jumped in Cenote Oxman
– Did the “beam me up” at Suyan Cenote
– Climbed the Coba Ruins
– Took an early morning dip in Gran Cenote
– Had breakfast on Raw Love’s propery
– Had a Acai bowl at Matcha Mama
– Spent the day on Nomade’s beach
– Visit Casa Malca
– Watched the sunset at Azulik Treehouse
– Had the most fun dinner at Casa Negra

Yes! In three and a half days I managed to see and do a lot! Tulum is definitely one of those destinations that keeps on giving….

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