With the impending Christmas season, we are constantly being bombarded by gift ideas, most of which does not include books. These Christmas gift ideas usually features the latest gadget for Dad or the most modern kitchen aid for Mom, not to mention the hottest toy on the market for the children. What if I tell you, that giving the gift of books far surpasses all these gadgets and toys? Too often we underplay how a well thought out book given to the right person will change their lives for the better.  Here are five reasons why books are the best Christmas gift ever.


  1. Gift of Knowledge

In giving a book you are giving the gift of knowledge. Every time you open a book, you are exposed to something new or learning about places and things you’ve never heard about before. I have learned so much about the world just by picking up a book. My greatest history teachers, best mentors, and best advice all came from books. From a very young age, most if not all my Christmas gifts were books that in turn nurtured my love for read.

I think the best investments parents can make is giving their children the gift of reading. If you know your child is interested in a subject matter or craft, buy a book that will offer knowledge and insights to nurture that interest.


  1. Helps in Nurturing a Passion

We all have interest, hobbies and passion for some reason we do not actively pursue. For some of us, we do not have the time or energy to commit to this hobby full time, but we do “dabble” part time.  If you have a passion or hobby, the best way to nurture it is to read and learn more about it. We all know someone on our Christmas list who is interested in baking, woodwork, digital marketing, writing, design- the best way to encourage them might be to get them a book that teaches them more about their passion.


  1. Range of Topics

There are a million books written on every single topic you can think about. Even if you must buy a book for a Picky Person, you will find something. You cannot go wrong with choosing a book for someone on a subject matter they are particularly interested in. Also, if you don’t necessarily have an idea of someone’s interest, a gift certificate to a bookstore is an easy way out.


  1. Inexpensive

A Christmas budget is always recommended, especially if you are from a big family and it is tradition to get everyone a gift. Our budget can be varied but if you decide to get everyone a book in your family for Christmas, you will more than likely still stay within your budget or lower. The going rate for a new book is between $80-$150TTD, if you catch a bookstore sale, it will be each more inexpensive. You can even purchase a book for yourself as a reward for sticking within your budget.


  1. Thoughtful

I love getting books as gifts, I consider it one of most thoughtful things ever. For someone to give me a book means they thought about my interest, they took the time to research my reading habits and they went online or into a bookstore to search for that book. Not only is it thoughtful but it means this will be a gift I will enjoy and cherish. Far too often we give gifts, the person uses it for a month then forget about it. In giving a book that a person love, they keep that feeling with them for all times.


There you have it, five reasons why books are the best gifts to give this Christmas. Not only will you stay within your budget, but you will be giving the gift of knowledge. Books are definitely the gift that keeps on giving, be sure to give one this Christmas.

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