An exceptional collection of short stories that will leave you breathless.

Friends, I am still unable to put into words how profoundly moving this entire collection is. Chimeka Garricks is a master storyteller who deserves to be read widely. I need to see more people talking about this book that left me speechless.

A BROKEN PEOPLE’S PLAYLIST is a collection of twelve stories from song. At the start of each story the author lets you know the song inspiration, which I think is truly unique. Of the twelve stories my favorites are:
Yes, I am aware I kinda just rewrote the entire tracklist (I mean list of stories) but that is to show how many of these stories were actual bangers!

Each story covers themes of love, lost, regret, heat-break, redemption and desire. From the musician who is faithful and will do everything except get married, to the childhood friends turn lovers who reunites after years of playing around, to the man who cheats on his wife and having to deal with the consequences, to the guy who calls the girl on a her wedding day and tells her not to get married. All of the characters are layered, deeply flawed, beautifully human and you cannot help with fall in love with them.

Here’s how I know Garricks is a master storyteller, they are able to write a robust story in less than ten pages and I did not once think, “I want more..”. Each story could stand on their own, each character gave me just enough.

Friends, if this book is not on your list of books to read, I need you to change that. Chimeka Garricks is a master storyteller, how is it possible for him to convey so much with so little pages. I cannot recommend this collection enough.

Here’s a quote I truly love: “My mother was so proud of her temper that she wore frowns like medals of honours”

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