I am Cindy, also known as BookofCinz, The Caribbean Girl Reading The World. I started BookOfCinz in January 2018 to share my love of books and reading, hoping it will encourage people to read, read more, and read widely. Aside from this blog, I have an active Instagram (Bookstagram – @bookofcinz) page, Twitter account (@bookofcinz) and I can be found updating my Goodreads account daily. With all these online mediums that seem to be working, I wanted to take another step: that is launching an online and offline BookOfCinz Book Club.

In October 2018 I threw the idea out to my fellow Bookstagrammers on whether they would join my book club if I started one- the answer was a resounding YES! So here we are!  Just kidding, I did a lot of research and thought about whether I should do a book club. After attending a book club I thought, “that was fun, why don’t we have more of these clubs locally?” I then posed the question and I got the feedback I was looking for, I got the buy-in I needed to make the final decision.

I am currently based in Trinidad and Tobago and starting January 2019, I will be hosting the first BookofCinz Book Club meeting. I get a lot of messages online from various bookish people; we talk forever about the books we are currently reading, and I think launching an offline book club is the next practical step. I am looking forward to reading and meeting with the bookish community here in Trinidad and Tobago once a month.

As my tagline emphases, I am a Caribbean Girl Reading World, which means a lot of my selection will be from Caribbean Authors, but that does not limit us because we will be reading other books written by people of colour, particularly women.

If you are interested in being a part the online and offline book club, please feel free to email me at bookofcinz@outlook.com

Looking forward to reading with you!



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Hello, I am Cindy, a Jamaican girl living in Trinidad & Tobago who is thoroughly enjoying island life. I started the BookOfCinz platform to encourage people to Read, read More, read Widely, and Read Caribbean.

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