Golden Child by Claire Adam is the second book we will be reading for BookofCinz Book Club. I received an ARC of this book back in September 2018 and as soon as I started reading it, I knew it was a book I wanted to discuss with everyone I meet. Golden Child by Claire Adam is also the second novel on the #SJPForHogarth list- if Sarah Jessica Parker picked this novel, you can be sure it will be amazing.

We will be meeting on a weekly basis to discuss the book via Instagram. This weekly discussion is for the persons who can’t make the in person meet up happening on Thursday March 7th, 2019. Here are the five reasons why Golden Child by Claire Adam was selected as the second BookOfCinz Bookclub book.


It Is A Debut Novel

There is something about a debut novel that I always seem to love, and Claire Adam did not disappoint with Golden Child. I love reading debut novels because of the fresh perspective and the new point-of-view on a topic/story I might have read before. Golden Child is a refreshing but heart-breaking look at one family in Trinidad and Tobago.

The Book is Written by a Trini

I wanted to ensure that we continue the momentum of reading Caribbean women, specifically a writer that is from the country she is writing about. I feel like Caribbean authors are underrepresented worldwide, so this is me doing my part to help in keeping Caribbean authors in the forefront. As a Caribbean native, picking up a book and reading about characters who represent me and the people I see daily gives me comfort, helps me relate, and immerses me in the story. I hope it does the same for you, regardless of where you are from.

The Book Is Set In Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is my second home and I absolutely love reading books that are set in a country I live in or visited. I always feel so much closer to the story and characters when I can reference the places they’ve lived or visited. For me, it makes reading the book a bit more personal and the story hits closer to home- literally ????.  What is a major plus is that I will be reading the book with Trinis and we will be able to discuss how authentic the references and plot is- this is something I am looking forward to.

The Plot Offers A Lot To Discuss

I finished this book in two days and I am still being haunted by what took place. This book pulls you in from the very first chapter. Adam pulls the strings so tight in this book, the tension and build-up is palatable. What I loved most was how imperfect and authentic the characters were, especially Clyde, the Father, who is forced to make a decision no parent should make.

Claire Adam’s writing is enthralling and beautiful. As a Jamaican living in Trinidad and Tobago for the last four years, I can say, with my limited knowledge that Adam perfectly captures the culture and social nuisances of this country.  Golden Child is a deeply moving story about family, love, betrayal and resilience.

I Loved It!

Not to toot my own horn, but I think I have exquisite taste in books. If the last four reasons didn’t move you, just know I absolutely loved it and you will too.

There you have it, Golden Child by Claire Adam, the second book we will be reading for BookOfCinz Book Club in February 2019. If you will be reading along, please contact me at or follow me on Instagram @bookofcinz



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