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Fortune is set in 1920S Trinidad and Tobago, during the oil boom, when oil was seen as the black gold. The book opens with Eddie Wade truck breaking down on his way to Port of Spain where he is going to get investors to invest in an oil drilling project. As luck would have it, business Tito Fernandez was driving pass and offered Edie a ride. During the ride Edie tells Tito about his venture, and he decides to invest.

Edie is a seasoned oil man, having worked in oilfields in Texas and South America. He knows how drilling for oil the luck of a draw and many men is spend years seeking that one lucky drill. After returning home to Trinidad hears the word on the ground is that Sonny Chatterjee’s estate is ripe for drilling. The only problem, Sonny is not interested, he wants to farm his cocoa, he wants to do what’s been done for generations in his family. After much back and forth, Sonny agrees to have Edie drill, but for one year, after that he will return to coca. With the oil secure, Edie must now find an investor who will take this fool’s luck investment…especially on the heels of the US market crashing….

In comes Tito, a businessman who comes from generation of wealth, only problem, after years of risky investment Tito’s funds is running low. After listening to Eddie’s pitch he is ready to try his luck, even after being advised oil is not the way, it is a fool’s errand. Eddie pushes forward in the hope that this risk will pay off big!

In the rush to get fortune, Tito and Eddie risk it all, will it pay off?

Friends! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, I was hooked from the very first page to the end. I absolutely loved being transported to 1920s Trinidad and Tobago when oil was now becoming a thing. I think the author did such a great job of writing characters who are believable and situation you can relate to. I could see why Sonny wouldn’t want to drill for oil- why switch from cocoa to oil? I can see why Eddie loves the rush of drilling and finding oil and I believe that this was Tito’s last shot at remaining wealthy.

This is a such a great historical look into Trinidad and Tobago, and by extension the Caribbean during that time. How oil impacted the lives of every Trini. It was just so well done!

I loved how the plot moved quickly and how immerse you were in the drilling aspect without it being too technical. I think she wrote community and characters really well. I felt like I was there waiting for the oil to spurt up. She really did a great job of tension and suspension to the very end. You literally will be rooting for Eddie and Tito down to the very end.

I do think the ending wrapped up a little too quickly for my taste and I would have loved 50 more pages, but maybe that is me being greedy. This is a book I will not forget anytime soon. WOW!

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