The God of Good Looks steps on our necks and doesn’t let up until the very end! A satisfying, bold page turner with a heroine you can’t help but cheer for!

In Breanne McIvor’s sizzling debut we are taken to Trinidad and Tobago where we meet Bianca Bridge, a budding writer who is starting over after a major scandal. Bianca recently graduated from a University in London where she headed back to her home country to persue her dream of becoming a writer. Things are looking up for her, she’s got a remote job, an apartment, a car and while she is a bit lonely- her mother died and her father remarried so he is hardly around- she makes the best of her situation. All is going well, until Bianca meets and falls in love with a government minister, their affair ends up on the country’s front page and Bianca is blacklisted. She is social pariah, blacklisted, fired from her job, barely making ends meet, and the only thing she has going for her is her one off photoshoot jobs.

With little to no job option Bianca says yes to being a lowly assistant to larger-than-life Make-up Artist Obadiah Cortland. Obadiah Cortland is known in the industry as very hard to work for- worse than “a devil wears Prada” but with no option she takes the job planning her exit even as she does so. Surprisingly Bianca doesn’t end up disliking her time in her new role, she ends up working on her writing craft, making friends, giving herself some grace, finding out Obadiah is not as much as of a devil as he is known to be. With her role as assistant she gets to put her degree to use, work on her writing craft and finally tell her side of the affair story. What happens when the truth is out?

The God of Good Looks is filled with characters you cannot help but cheer for. The entire cast all are fresh, entertaining and engaging. McIvor takes us to Trinidad and Tobago we learn so much about the culture, history and the make-up industry. What I loved is that we journey with Bianca as she comes into her truth. I love how realistic her character was, you truly feel for her as someone who has little friends, is a social pariah and not sure where her path is in life, added to that, she’s got no family support or her mother to take care of her. I love that it was set in Trinidad, and YES, I will admit, it took awhile for me to wrap my head around a story set in a high fashion make up house being in Trinidad but once I got use to it I really enjoyed it.

I did think the book dragged a little and it could have been 50 pages shorter but overall I loved how entertaining the read was. The main characters Bianca and Obadiah were very endearing and I want everyone to meet them.

If you enjoyed reading If I Had Your Face you will enjoy this one!

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