When I told people I was heading to Honduras I got a lot of stares and warning to be very careful. I am not going to lie, the little time I spent on Honduras mainland I didnt feel 100% safe and I was very hyper aware all the time. I was only on the mainland when going to and from my destinations, I spent majority of the time on Roatan and Utila which felt very safe and very much like a Caribbean island.

Roatan | I got my PADI certification in Roatan so this place will forever be in my heart. I was told diving in Roatan was very cheap and they did not lie. If you are looking to get certified in open water swimming- I cannot recommend Roatan enough!

Utila | A tiny island that is less than an hour ferry ride away from Roatan- this charming place will settle into your heart. I was only there for 2.5 days but I thoroughly enjoyed the dive I did there.

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