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Cindy Allman

In 2024, I am inviting you to read and travel the Caribbean with me! Hello, I am BookOfCinz! I am an avid reader and traveller and I love all things Caribbean. Over the last five years, I have been sharing my love for Caribbean Literature and showcasing my travels to various Caribbean Islands.

I executed my very first Reading Retreat on the Nature Island, Dominica having readers from the Caribbean, US and UK. I am excited to announce that in 2024 we will be travelling to three Caribbean destinations and you are invited!

If you love reading, if you love exploring the Caribbean then these reading Retreats are for you! Come join me was we visit Jamaica, St. Lucia and Dominica in 2024!

Treasure B.
– Jamaica –

May 29th-June 3rd, 2024
Rainbow Villas, Treasure Beach

Come spend six days in Treasure Beach, the bookish capital of Jamaica! While in Jamaica you get to explore the island, eat amazing food and create core memories with other travellers.

Have a tour of one of the oldest Rum Factories in the Caribbean, relax in a bar in the sea, visit a sleepy fishing village to have the best seafood of your life, learn to cook like a Jamaican and of course, relax at a beautiful beach and waterfalls!

Only 8 spots are available.

– St. Lucia –

July 3rd- 8th, 2024
Fond Doux Resort, Soufriere

Let’s head to the picturesque Soufriere in St. Lucia to relax and reconnect with nature for six days! We will be vising the famous Sulphur Springs, having lunch which the beautiful view of the Pitons. Come for a picnic and book club in nature, do a nature trail walk, chocolate tour and rest off at a waterfall. Don’t worry, you will get to spend some time at the beach reading or just doing nothing!

Only 12 spots are available.

– Dominica –

Sept. 21st – Sept. 26th, 2024
Seacliff Cottages, Calibishie

Come explore the Nature Island of the Caribbean with me for six days! Get ready to go waterfalls chasing, whale watching, chocolate making, bookish brunch and book club on the beach. Dominica is the perfect place to get lost in nature while creating memories with other bookish peeps!

This will be our third trip to the Nature Island! Come for the exploring, stay for days spent at the beach resting.

Only 12 spots are available.

Interested in Reading and Travelling the Caribbean?