BLOWN AWAY! What an unforgettable debut novel!

Let me tell you, this book will be on every list come 2023. I truly cannot believe this is a debut novel, it is well written, filled with characters you cannot help but cheer for, who are going through relatable things. I cannot recommend Rootless enough.

Rootless opens with Sam reaching home and not finding his wife Efe. Their bank account is missing $1,300, their daughter is crying and Efe is not picking up her phone. Sam feels totally blind sighted, where is Efe? Where did the money go? Why isn’t Efe’s sister picking up? How does one disappear?

Efe and her sister were sent to the UK from Ghana to live with her Aunty for a better life. Efe and her sister thrived somewhat in the UK but they missed home. Efe wasn’t sure where her place is in the world but she knew she wanted to leave an impact. She met Sam while in high school and they stay connected while in University. Through a series of events, they got together later in life, got married and everything was going great, until Efe accidentally got pregnant.

Efe struggled through her first pregnancy, she went through it because Sam left her no choice. Motherhood was hard for Efe, so much so her parents came from Ghana to take her child from her. After three years, Efe and Sam are finally happy, back into a groove, and enjoying their marriage and being a parent. That is until Efe disappears.

A truly heart breaking novel about motherhood, tradition, marriage, regret, love, family and what it means to lose yourself for others. The author covered the theme in such a layered and brilliant way. It is one of those books you read and you can feel your heart constricting, because while you don’t want the book to end, you need to find out what happens. A truly brilliant book that EVERYONE will love!

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