For the last two to three weeks I went through my biggest reading slump ever, possibly in life. I have never experienced a slump like this before. For days leading up to the slump I noticed my general lack of enthusiasm about reading, talking about books and doing my usual BookOfCinz posting and engagement. The usual joy I felt logging onto Goodreads lost it’s spark. I figured I was just juggling too much and maybe I needed a bit of a break; however, I didn’t think the break would be so long.

How did I know I was going through a slump unlike any other? I received a book gift in the mail and in the past, receiving book mail made my day. I cannot explain the unbridled joy I feel when I receive book mail, it’s a feeling that never gets old. I received surprise book mail and seeing the book in the mail did nothing for me. Several days later the book is still unopened, and I have zero inclination or excitement- yes guys, this slump is real.

For someone who thoroughly enjoys reading and talking about books this slump came as a surprise. I am use to spending most of my free time wrapped up in the pages of a great book. I look forward to getting home and settling in for the evening and reading for 2-3 hours before drifting off to sleep.

With this slump, I did not know what to do with all my free time, there is only so much Netflix one can watch. There is only so much T.V. shows one can catch up on. So… what have I been doing during this slump you ask? SLEEP. Honestly, I slept so much, at one point I began to question whether I was depressed, lacking in iron or just tired. I think it was a mix of all three, I was tired because I was juggling a lot- having a full time Marketing Manager job and pushing BookOfCinz on the side can be draining and I did feel run down. I also wasn’t taking my usual vitamins especially my iron pills and to be frank I might have been a bit depressed or sad for no particular reason. During my slump I used sleeping as a major coping mechanism, to the point where I thought this cannot be healthy. It is hard to just snap out of a slump especially one where seeing a book or hearing about books makes you feel nauseated. I was generally unenthusiastic about books and my love child BookOfCinz. Just the thought of logging on to Instagram to check bookofcinz made me sad.

Some months ago, I posted about going through a Reading Slump and I managed to read 15 books, looking back at that posts I could not stop rolling my eyes at myself. During the three weeks slump I read a total of 1.5 books and it took me DAYS to get through those books. I was in the middle of reading “This Is Marketing” by Seth Goddin which was necessary for my job.

The other book was My Year Of Rest and Relaxation, you know how you have those quotes that talks about a book finding you wen you need it. That is exactly how I felt when I picked up My Year Of Rest and Relaxation. In this book the main character decides she is going to take a year off from life to just sleep. How crazy it it, that the book I picked up (without reading the blurb as I usually do) turns out to be exactly what was kinda happening in my life? I read this book in strange wonder because like the narrator I wanted to take a year off to just sleep but unlike the narrator I didn’t have an inheritance.

If I am being honest with myself, I think this slump came to remind me that I was doing too much and stretching myself thin. This slump turned into a form of self-care. I put a lot of pressure to ensure I put out good/great content for BookOfCinz. Logging into Goodreads and seeing that goal of 200 books for 2018 is enough to make me feel overwhelmed. Having to think of two really engaging articles each month AND write them is enough to make me run for the hills. This slump forced me to take a step back and re-evaluate what is really important, and this is what I learned:

  1. I need to stop setting these high TBR goals
  2. I need to stop increasing my Goodreads reading goal
  3. I need to remember why I started BookOfCinz- that is, to encourage people to read, read more and read more widely. The goal is not to see who read the most but who just read for the enjoyment of it.

I want to thank Michelle Obama for gently pulling me out of my reading slump. I started       Becoming a week ago and I am still not even 50% through but, I am thoroughly enjoying this experience of savoring a book. I love that I no longer force myself to choose between going out for drink or reading a book. I now decide to do both, even if I end up with less reading time for the week. I am slowly rediscovering my love for reading and pulling myself out of this slump with the amazing memoir written by Michelle Obama.

Thanks to everyone who messaged and checked in to ensure I was fine, and I didn’t quit Bookstagram. Love your faces

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