You are going to laugh, cry, get enraged and fall madly in love with Ronke, Simi and Boo! This book is not just a pretty cover! It is engaging , truly unputdownable you wont want to leave your new friend behind!

I am a little annoyed that the publishers choose to compare these amazing ladies to those other characters because I feel like I relate more to them than four white women living in New York City… but I digress. In Wahala we meet three Nigerian women Ronke, Boo, and Simi who are all living in London. They all met while in University and bonded because of their Nigerian background. Years later and their friendships are strong as ever even though they are all in different stages of their lives.

Ronke is still searching for her happily ever after and thinks she’s found it with Kayode who can be a bit sketchy, added to that, her friends don’t really like him but he’s been showing up and doing better- that counts for something right? On the outside Boo seems to have everything going for her, a wonderful husband, rambunctious daughter and a job she gets to go into when she feels like. Even with all of this, she still feels unfulfilled and like something is missing. Simi is that friend who just seems to shine- you can never catch her faltering…but what happens when the shine wears off and she let her hair down?

Simi introduces her two friend to her long time childhood friend Isobel… Isobel swoops in and charms everyone excluding Boo… Boo thinks something is “off” about her, but everyone tells her she is being ridiculous… will they see what Boo is talking about before it’s too late?

Y’all I LOVED this one. I ate is up! I truly enjoyed being in the lives of these three women- they felt real and truly relatable. I could pinpoint exactly which friend was who and that is what I exactly why I was enamored with this book. The writing is fresh, engaging and I could not get enough of the pop references.

Nikki May does a great job of showcasing Black Women and friendship in a way that was not overdone and eye-rolling and I want more persons to experience this. Truly an experience you won’t forget!

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