I have to admit, I am not big on podcasts. Being a such a multi-tasker and I find the podcast I try to listen to requires my undivided attention. In recent times, I have dipped my ears into the podcast pool and I find myself able to listen and engage and I think it is because of the subject of books are being discussed and the questions asked by the hosts. So, if you are looking to listen to more podcasts, start with my top five favorite Bookish Podcast:

1. Books And Rhymes

One of my favorite Bookstagram friends, Sarah Ozo-Irabor is the host of the podcast that pairs music and books! Book And Rhymes podcast generally interviews guest from Africa or the African diaspora. When you listen to this podcast your TBR list becomes more diverse and so does your taste in music. This is a very FUN and engaging bookish podcast to get you going. One of my favorite episodes was Ask A Caine Prize Judge with Ebissé Wakjira Rouw . If you are looking for your next Bookish podcast, this is it!

2. The Stacks

I got into listening to The Stacks after following the host on Bookstagram. I loved Traci’s taste in books because she tend to read non-fiction and mostly black authors and I am here for it. The Stacks is dubbed as “your literary best friend; your virtual book club; your one-stop shop for everything books”, and I could not agree more. Traci talks to authors such as Brit Bennett, Karla Cornejo Villavicencio, Morgan Jerkins and Meena Harris, just to name a few.
This Bookish podcast is definitely one to stay up to date on because there are weekly episodes to keep your love for all things bookish going. One of my favorite episodes was with Bookstagrammer Lupita and Brit Bennett. Go listen today!

3. Like A Real Book Club Podcast

Like A Real Book Club may be the first Bookish Podcast out of the Caribbean and I am here for it! The Podcast is is hosted by three Jamaican women who talk about books, books and more books! They are the Women who brought you Rebel Women Lit, this podcast generally focuses on books written by Caribbean Author and mostly books written by Caribbean women.
It is a bit hard to pick one episode because as a #ReadCaribbean champion, I enjoyed every episode so much. However, if you are looking to read more Caribbean, start but listening to this episode 100 Caribbean Books That Shaped Our World #ReadCaribbean.

4. The Reading Women

I love listening to the soothing voices of Kendra, Sachi and Jaclyn, these are just some of the Reading Women. This podcast is a staple in the Bookstagram community and it is always so great to see who they will interview next. They have a Reading Woman Challenge that ties into the podcast and it makes it so easy for the reader to follow along.
This is not just a podcast, it is a community for Read Women and I love it there. One of my favorite episodes was the one they did for Caribbean Heritage Month (yes I am bias), go listen here.

5. Writing Home |American Voices from the Caribbean

A much newer podcast but definitely one that has my attention. Writing Home features established and emerging writers from the Caribbean and the diaspora. A lot of the episodes explores what it is to write from home, write to home and write to remember home. I have listened to the debut episode where they feature Naomi Jackson the author of The Star Side of Birdhill.  The episode is heartwarming and perfect for anyone is feeling homesick for the Caribbean.

There you have it! Five of my favorite Bookish Podcast, get to listening, then reading!

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