Packed with Millennial angst and discomfort and I could not get enough of it! Give this woman an award!!!

This is going to be the darling of millennial reads this year and trust me, you will not be disappointed. If you are a fan of Sally Rooney, Brandon Taylor’s REAL LIFE, MY YEAR OF REST AND RELAXATION and SORROW AND BLISS you are going to absolutely enjoy this beautifully, well done debut novel.

HOW TO FALL OUT OF LOVE MADLY is told from the perspective of Joy, Annie and Celine- millennial women working and living in a city trying their best to hit their fantom life goals that was pressed on them by society. Joy and Annie are friends and roommates living together but still aren’t able to cover their rent even though they hold down steady jobs that they enjoy doing. In an attempt to keep their rental, they decide to get third roommate and in walks Theo who charms them and becomes a part of their home life. After months of hinting Annie’s boyfriend finally ask her to move in so the trio now becomes a duo, but Joy doesn’t mind because now she’s got Theo to herself.

Joy starts spending a lot of time with Theo and ends up falling for him, only for him to show up a few weeks later with the most stunning woman Joy has ever seen and introduces her as his girlfriend. Joy is shook but figures if she puts her best foot forward he will miraculously fall for her.

Celine has been told all her life she is stunning but doesn’t really believe it. Yes, she’s reaped so many opportunities because of pretty privilege but she still doesn’t feel confident in herself.
Annie moved in with her boyfriend, she thinks this is what she wants but finds herself putting on this “easy breezy cool girlfriend” act that she may not be able to keep up. She wants commitment, but does she want it from her boyfriend?

Relatable, entertaining, fully and unforgettable the lives of Celine, Joy and Annie examines what it can be like for a millennial woman dating, looking for love and to grow in their career. A lot the scenes in this book was so relatable and cringy I could feel myself getting secondhand embarrassment from it. Yes there were some insanely frustrating moments, especially how the women were treated by the men- I actually wanted to SCREAM but I guess that goes back to how well written this book is. We see how these women grapple with the stage they are in their lives- the need to grow in their career, be closer to their family, to get more money and to be hit those societal markers.

A novel I won’t soon forget.

One time I had a friend say that if a man says something mean to you about your body it’s like a hate crime. At first, I thought that was stupid, reckless even, but I know what she meant.

Work hierarchy in generally was something she found to be unnecessary cruel, and so when she had the chance she would do her best to rebel against it

I think something you have to remember is that people bring everything with them to work and they try to hold everything away.


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