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In May 2019 I had the amazing opportunity to visit Kauai for one of my friend’s wedding. I am generally not a fan of destination weddings, however, when the destination is paradise, I am all for it.

For five days I had the opportunity to explore Kauai, I didn’t get to do as much as I would like but I did manage to see a number of interesting places. Seeing that we were there for a wedding, we stayed in Poupi area for majority of the time so I explored most of that area.

Kauai is very laid back and the people are very friendly. The island is a bit on the expensive side and things slow down daily around 9:00pm because there is not much to do on the island. I wanted to get a lot more done in Kauai but alas, I was there for a wedding and I didnt have transportation but I ended up getting a good amount done.

Here are the must do activities for me:

  • Spouting Horn | It was very interesting to see and very accessible, by accessible I mean free.
  • RipTides Shave Ice | If you make it to Kauai, you should ensure you get some shaved ice, perfect cool down
  • Wailua Waterfalls | Yes, you guessed it, my friend and I totally went hiking down to the bottom of the falls- it is not recommended you do this and there are signs warning you not to. My friend and I braved it and it was worth it!
  • Little Fish Coffee | If you are up early, so are they and this is the cutest spot to grab coffee or breakfast in the Poupi area.
  • Sleeping Giant Head Hike | I made the mistake of starting this hike at 11:00am so it was peek heat time once I started, however, the view was well worth it. I recommend wearing proper hiking shoes and walking with water.

There you have it, five days in Kauai! Totally worth it!

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