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Lima is a city bustling with energy, culture and an intoxicating vibe. My friends and I were only there from January 2nd to January 5th but we managed to do and see a good bit of the city. We stayed in Mira Flores in an Airbnb that is close to nightlife and restaurants.

During our short stay we explored the city of Lima. We had breakfast in a lovely bookish café called Books Coffee Art then went to explore the Art District. The Art District is vibrant with colour and graffiti. From there we went to have lunch at Barra Maretazo. This lunch spot has the cutest design that makes you feel as if you are in a boat. This was my first-time having ceviche and it was delicious. We had such a lovely time at this restaurant, so lovely that we visited it twice!

For our last day in Lima we decided to do a tour with Peru Hop, a tour company that does various tours in South America. Our tour was to Paracas also known as The Poor Man’s Galapaos and Huacachina the Largest Dunes in South America. It was a full day tour starting from 5:00am and we got back to Lima at 11pm or later. I highly recommend this tour; what I don’t recommend is that you do this tour the day before you leave Lima because you will be exhausted.

The cost of the tour is $100USD but the experience was spectacular. Paracas as a bit underwhelming but I did enjoy seeing the seals and penguins in their habitats. Huacachina is a must see, the experience of being on the largest dunes in South America was exhilarating. This was definitely a trip highlight for me and my friends.

Overall, I wish we had more time to explore Lima but from what we saw thoroughly enjoyed.

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