June is recognized as Caribbean Heritage Month to celebrate I teamed up with some Caribbean Bookstagrammers to launch the #ReadCaribbean Challenge. The main goal of this challenge is to create awareness and educate persons on Caribbean Literature and Authors from the Caribbean or Caribbean Heritage.  I started BookOfCinz with the mission of encouraging people to:

  • Read
  • Read
  • Read widely


The third goal “read widely” applies to the Caribbean and Caribbean literature. “Caribbean Girl Reading the World” is not just a tagline which is why I think the #ReadCaribbean challenge is important. The Caribbean is rich with history and culture and our Literature reflects this, however most time these books do not make it to the stage worldwide.  The aim of the challenge is to encourage persons to:

  • Read books by Caribbean Nationals/ persons of Caribbean heritage
  • Books about the Caribbean
  • Books set in the Caribbean


How the challenge works? During the month of June, we encourage you to books to falls under the categories listed above ensuring you use the hashtag #ReadCaribbean to bring awareness to Caribbean Literature.Also, we have some fun prompts to get and keep you excited for the entire month.

During the month myself along with the other Bookstagrammers will be posting Caribbean Literature. We will also have interesting content on the challenge along with giveaways. We look forward to having you join us in the month of June for the #ReadCaribbean challenge.


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Hello, I am Cindy, a Jamaican girl living in Trinidad & Tobago who is thoroughly enjoying island life. I started the BookOfCinz platform to encourage people to Read, read More, read Widely, and Read Caribbean.

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