A lot of teeth… zero bite

If this book was a show- it would be Girls, if this book was a person it would be Lena Dunham. The girls that get it, get it, the girls that don’t don’t

This read like a very subpar first draft of My Year Of Rest and Relaxation if I am being honest. In Acts of Service we meet a Eve, twentysomething New Yorker who works as a barista until she decides to get a “real job” or call her father to beg for her inheritance. Eve is in a long-time relationship with her girlfriend. One night out of boredom Eve decides to upload her nudes to a website where Olivia messages on the nudes asking her to meet with her. Out of curiosity and in search for some excitement she meets up with Olivia who begs her to meet with Nathan so they can have a threesome. Excitement Eve wants, that she gets as she tries to understand the dynamics between Nathan and Oliva and how her being with them may change that.

Dubbed, “might be the most thought-provoking book you read all year…” it s a very big claim because I had a lot more questions than thoughts. The book rambles on, Eve becomes obsessed with Nathan, honestly, this is basically a second draft of Fifty Shades of Grey if we all are being honest and if you think otherwise you are lying to yourself.

The writer tries so hard to make this more than what it is- a very poorly written book that tries to make you think about sex, power and sexuality. I really wish the editors went back to the drawing board with this one because a very strong re-write and this may have been good.

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