BookOfCinz Book Club Pick Absolutely loved this book and of course I had to make it a book club pick!

Lest We Find Gold is Melanie Schwapp’s sophomore novel. The book follows the life of Milly from her early years to her present life with her husband. Milly has a lot going for her, well educated, a practicing nurse with a big future ahead of her. She meets her husband when he comes into the hospital for heart palpitations and since then Milly finds herself dying a little daily.

I really enjoyed this book, Melanie Schwapp really did a great job of painting such a full picture of Milly my heart ached for her and her suffering. I loved how the book was formatted, we get insight to Milly’s early life with the backdrop of her current life. I particularly loved the exploration of the mother-daughter relationship, that for me was so well done. As a Jamaican, I particularly loved how Jamaican the book felt, from the descriptions, to the various cultural nuances-it was great!

My only complaint was I felt the husband’s character could have been a bit more. Maybe this is me looking for a reason why some men turn out the way they do but… I also would have liked to hear more about the sister, I felt her character could have gotten some more airplay.

If you are looking for a great read, with a lead female character who is brave I highly recommend this read.

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