Not going to lie, I immediately wanted to read this book because of the title and I am so happy I finally got around to reading it!

In You Exist Too Much we meet an unnamed narrator who is Palestinian-American, she currently lives in New York, DJs at nights and is looking to start in an MFA programme soon. She lives with her first serious girlfriend but as diagnosed love addict, she messes things up big time! She decides to seek therapy for her love addition but must first work on her relationship with her mother and all the pasts hurt.

We piece together the narrator’s life through a series of vignettes that flashes between the US and the Middle East, during her adult and teenage life. We get a glimpse into how she was raised, why her mother is the way she is and all the hurt she felt growing up.

Honestly, I thoroughly enjoy this book! It was fresh, funny at times but also have some deeply moving moments. We meet a narrator who creates wild love fantasy about almost everyone she meets and that messes up her entire reality. I don’t think I’ve heard about Love Addiction until I read this book but I felt this topic was dealt with so well.

A super fresh and interesting book that I almost didn’t want to end.

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